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Capitol Hill Ward Chapel

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Also called the old rock church, this elegant and colorful chapel is located across the street from the State Capitol and just up the street from the DUP Museum.

The address is:

413 N W Capitol St Salt Lake City, Utah

It was built in 1928.

Architect: Ashton and Evans

The Capitol Hill L.D.S. Ward is a picturesque, Neo-Gothic building. The main roof is gabled, with hipped roofed bays in the east and south. The plan is a cross configuration with the chapel in the east and amusement hall in the west. A later extension in the north is compatible in scale and materials. Pointed arch windows have cast stone surrounds. Some stained glass windows were used. – D. Diana Johnson

“Capitol Hill Ward was orgnized April 12, 1925, from the east parts of the 17th, 19th, and 24th wards.” In 1929, “a new, modern chapel, one of the finest in the Church, was completed on the corner of 3rd North and West Capitol Streets. George Savage Ashton was the first Bishop of the ward, he was succeeded December 28, 1930 by George C. Lloyd. . . .”