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Old Brickyards

This historic marker, located in Cedar City reads:

It is believed that the first fired bricks in Utah were made in Cedar City in connection with the attempt of the Deseret Iron Company to manufacture iron in 1852. The blast furnace was located in the vicinity of 400 North 100 East. Fired brick was made near there for use in the lining of the blast furnace and construction of some brick homes and some public buildings.

By the turn of the century, most of the brickmaking operations had moved to the southern outskirts of the city. These were located here, immediately north, northeast, east and southeast of this monument. They supplied the brick for homes, commercial and public buildings for Cedar City and some surrounding areas until well into the 1930s. The Old Administration Building and the Old Main Building of the Southern Utah University campus, several blocks from here, were constructed from brick made in this immediate area. This monument stands on part of one of these brickyards, and includes some of the original brick made here. It is a memorial to the various brick makers including Bryant, Fretwell, Dutton, Rollo, Jackman, Palmer and others unrecorded and those who worked for them.

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