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The town of Tucker was located near a sharp curve at the bottom of a 5% grade along U.S. Route 6. In 2009, the Utah Department of Transportation closed and buried the Tucker rest area to build a safer alignment, with a banked curve and reduced grade. In 2010, the department dedicated a replacement rest area about 2 miles downstream from Tucker (mile post 202). The structure was named the Tie Fork Rest Area after the side canyon where it was located. The replacement rest area was designed to mimic an early 1900s era train depot to honor the town, including a replica roundhouse and non-functional steam locomotive built by Original Creations of Carbonville, Utah. The buildings were designed by the Archiplex Group of Salt Lake City. The rest area was voted one of the most beautiful buildings in the state of Utah in a contest sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. It is also one of the busiest non-freeway rest areas in the state.

The rest area was officially opened on 16 Aug 2010 and is supported financially by Carbon, Emery, Grand, and Utah counties, as well as the Manti-La Sal National Forest and Utah State Parks (Division of Utah State Parks and Recreation). Each of the sponsors have provided interpretive displays at the rest area and share the estimated annual $17,000 cost of maintenance.

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