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Williams & Powell Ranch
Homesteaded 1885

Original homestead at this site by Simeon Comfort & Edith Hannah Cornaby Powell.
Powell children:
Edith Amelia P. “Sackett”
Simeon James P.
Hannah Caroline P. “Williams”
Samuel March P.
Alma J. P.

William T. & Hannah C. P. Williams acquired the original property along with other property totaling 5,000 acres in the Tie Fork and South Side of Canya, include ranch homes at min and west canyon.

Williams children born or reared here:

 Edith Last W. “Robertson”  Roth Amelia W.
 Ann Rees W. “Twin-Died in Infancy”  Grace Emily W. “Jacobsen”
 Thomas Cornaby W. “died in Infancy”  Dora C. W. “Died in Infancy”
 Allen Berry W.  Grant Griffiths W.
David Clark W.  Doris Pearl W. “Died in Infancy”
Samuel Coraby W.  Hannah Willett W. ” Kelly-Reisner”

Monument erected 1980.

Located at the Tie Fork Rest Area.

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