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The Baird/Rampton Blacksmith Shop

The original rock building, at approximately 150 North Main Street, was built in 1873 by James Baird.  It was 20 by 25 feet with an 8-foot lean-to on the east.  The building housed coal, scrap iron, and leather bellows.  It was here that B.H. Roberts learned the black smithing trade from Mr. Baird.

Henry J. Rampton of Bountiful purchased the blacksmith shop and house in 1881.  He built a frama addition which was used as a woodworking and wheel shop.  The main building was used for horse shoeing and forge work.  At Rampton’s death in 1927, the tools were sold and removed from the lot, and the building was razed a short time later.

Located in Centerville, Utah.

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