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Midvale City Hall

Built in 1939, the Midvale City Hall was designed by Clark W. Scott and George W. Welch, prominent Utah architects. Rectangular in plan, this two-story brick building with parapeted gable roof is an excellent example of the Art Moderne style. Characteristic of that style is the streamlined appearance archived by the curved windows and rounded corners of the entry, extensive use of glass block, and curved capitals on the buttresses along the side walls.

The Midvale City Hall was the center of local government and community activities from 1939 to 1976 and housed the clerk’s office, city council chambers, city fire and police departments, a public auditorium, and recreation rooms. The cost of constructing the building was supported by a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant of $31,500 and a city bond of $38,500. The impact of the depression on Utah was so great that federal programs, in particular building programs, were important to bolstering the state’s productivity and were widely implemented. The Midvale City Hall was one of over 240 buildings constructed in the state, and one of 20 in Salt Lake County, to be funded under New Deal era programs.

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The above photo is from the Midvale Museum, all others are taken by me in June 2018.

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