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Keith-Brown Mansion and Carriage House

This building was designed by Frederick Albert Hale, a prominent Utah architect, and constructed of Sanpete limestone between 1898 and 1900. Characteristic of the Neoclassical style, it incorporates colossal colonnades, a pedimented portico, and symmetrical facade. Architectural features on the interior include an octagonal-shaped room that extends two stories high and is capped by a domed, stained-glass window. Built for David Keith and his family, this home reflects a style of living made possible through the success of the Park City mining industry. Keith, in cooperation with Thomas Kearns and others, helped to build the Silver King Coalition Mines Company which extracted more than ten million dollars in minerals between 1892 and 1907. Keith’s influence extended to other areas, including his help in financing and publishing the “Salt Lake Tribune”, building this substantial home on what was then called Brigham Street, developing businesses, and making charitable contributions. Keith, along with his wife and son, lived here until 1916. The property was then sold to Ezra Thompson, mayor of Salt Lake, who lived here with his family until 1939. Between 1939 and 1968 the house was occupied by H. Ross and Norinne Thompson Brown.

Built 1898-1900 for David Keith, mining magnate.

Architect: Frederick Albert Hale Purchased and renovated 1914 by Ezra Thompson former Mayor of Salt Lake

Presently owned by H. Ross and Norinne Thompson Brown.

Leased and renovated 1969 by Terracor

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