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Alpine City Hall

Constructed in 1936, this building represents the significant impact of New Deal programs in providing both jobs and public facilities. It is one of over 240 buildings constructed in Utah by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and other public works programs. As Utah was especially hard hit by the Great Depression, these programs were of particular importance. The federal government typically paid the workmen’s wages if the city provided the building site and construction materials. The total cost of this building was approximately $18,000, two-thirds of which was paid by the federal government. Local men did most of the work including some volunteers using many local materials such as the stone on the chimney and foundation which was obtained from rock canyon. The new building provided much-needed space for municipal functions. In addition to the large meeting room and city offices, it housed the public library, jail, and fire station. Additions were made to the fire station in 1962 and 1982.

The building is also architecturally significant as an important example of Colonial Revival/Neo Classical styling. Notable features include the bell tower, the symmetrical main facade, and the classically obtained entry with transom and capped stone pilasters, urns and sunburst. Marker placed in 1992.

Located around the City Hall grounds are several historic markers:

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