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555 East 100 South

Constructed in 1927, the historic Armista Apartments, now condominiums, is one of many historic urban apartment buildings built in Salt Lake City during the early 1900s. The building is a three-story rectangular-shaped structure with a parapet roof, brick exterior walls, windows that are recessed in vertical spandrel bays, concrete foundation with a basement, symmetrical facade, and modest Colonial Revival styling. It is an example of the double-loaded corridor type of apartment building, which has a main central hallway with living spaces opening off either side.

The Armista Apartments were originally built and owned by Herrick and Company, headed by Nelson L. Herrick. The company was active in development in the Salt Lake City region during the 1920s, this building being one of at least eight apartments that they built between 1925 and 1930. The original cost of constructing the building was approximately $80,000. It was advertised in local papers as:

“splendid three-room apartments, equipped with electric ranges and electric refrigeration. $40.00 to $42.00. One of the most modernly equipped and conveniently located apartments in the city. Make reservations now.”

In 1931, Herrick and Company sold the building to Stanley D. and Valaite Decker, who conditioned to own the building until the mid-1940s. The building was renamed the Waldorf Apartments in 1933 and continued under that name for many decades. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 2007 the building was converted to the Armista Condominiums by Metaview Development.

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