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75 South Main

This property was owned in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by Luna Young Thatcher, a daughter of Brigham Young by his first wife. Luna Young Thatcher owned the entire corner and, by all reports, had the area beautifully landscaped. In 1912 the Logan Rapid Transit Company, which was created by David Eccles, was in need of additional space for their Main Street depot. In 1915 L. Y. Thatcher sold this corner of the block to the Ogden-Logan-Idaho Railroad for $12,000. The Ogden-Logan-Idaho Railroad became the Utah-Idaho-Central Railroad in 1919. Shortly after World War I, the railroad company began to decline, though it took 20 years to dissolve completely. The previous railroad depot is still standing, although with some façade alterations, and now houses three separate businesses.

Located on historic Main Street in Logan, Utah

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