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In my exploring of the Utah and neighboring states I have come across many tithing offices, tithing barns, tithing granaries and more.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the L.D.S. Church or the Mormons) settled a large part of the areas here and members of the church would donate 10% of their increase to the church – they would also barter for what they needed, trade grain for eggs, etc. Now the members of the church donate with money, but at the time when donations were grain, eggs, chickens, cloth and more these buildings were needed to handle all of that. (see other tithing offices on this page)

This is the Pleasant Grove Tithing Office, located at 7 South 300 East in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Built c. 1908, the Pleasant Grove Tithing Office is historically significant
as one of 28 well preserved tithing buildings in Utah that were part of the
successful “in kind” tithing system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon church) between the 1850s and about 1910. Tithing lots, which usually included an office and several auxiliary structures, were facilities for collecting, storing, and distributing the farm
products that were donated as tithing by church members in the cash-poor
agricultural communities throughout the state. Tithing offices were a vital
part of almost every Mormon community, serving as local centers of trade,
welfare assistance, and economic activity. They were also important as the
basic units of the church-wide tithing network that was centered in Salt Lake City.

The exact date of construction of the Pleasant Grove Tithing Office is not
known, but judging from its appearance and other circumstantial evidence it was probably built about 1908. Some of the basic features of this building,
its square block shape with a symmetrical facade and an arched central porch, are much like those found on the tithing offices in Manti, Panguitch,
Richmond, Sandy, and Hyrum, all of which were built between 1905 and 1910. The design of those buildings was one of at least three standard tithing office plans that were developed at church headquarters around 1905 and sent out to a number of wards in the state that requested to have a new tithing office built. Those plans were perhaps the first examples of what eventually became a policy with the church – developing standard building plans at church headquarters rather than having each ward generate its own. Although the Pleasant Grove Tithing Office has a flat roof and other minor features that distinguish it from the Type No. 3 design, the similarities between the two are sufficiently strong to suggest that they were built at about the same time.

The only other indications of when the tithing office might have been built
are contained in letters from the Presiding Bishopric’s Office in Salt Lake
City to Bishop Swen L. Swenson of the Pleasant Grove Ward. A letter of April 9, 1908 to Bishop Swenson stated that, “You are authorized to purchase hard wood shade trees and plant them around the [tithing] lot where needed.” The letter also granted approval for the purchase of water rights for the tithing lot. Similar improvements were made to tithing lots in other towns immediately after the completion of their new tithing offices, so it is reasonable to assume that the tithing office in Pleasant Grove was constructed in late 1907 or early 1908. The building was definitely built by at least the spring of 1909 when the local bishops were granted approval to have a telephone installed in the building.

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