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This large mural created by Everett Clark Thorpe in 1941 is located in the Federal Building at 88 W 100 N in Provo, Utah and is titled “History of Provo and Brigham Young University.”

This mural depicts important events in the history of Provo, Utah. The historical development of Brigham Young University is the focus of the upper-left side of the mural which includes images of Old Lewis Hall, the university’s first building; the church school’s cooperative mercantile store room; and a contemporary parade.

Focusing on early Provo history, the lower-left section depicts early settlers gathering honey dew from leaves along the river and promising Native Americans not to drive them from their traditional hunting grounds. The center of the mural features the migration of early settlers from Salt Lake City to Provo with the approach of Johnston’s army, and hikers pausing by an Aspen Grove on Mt. Timpanogas. Economic development is the focus of the right side with images of the wool, iron, fishing, and mining industries juxtaposed with images of Mt Timpanogas and the Provo River.

Born in 1907 in Providence, Cache County, Utah, the artist later lived in Logan. He died in 1976. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums including the Utah State Institute of Fine Arts, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Denver Art Museum and the Utah Art Center.