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The Alma Staker House is located at 95 E 300 S in Mt Pleasant, Utah.

The temple-form house was found primarily in an area which changed dramatically during the late nineteenth century, consequently very few of these houses survive today. The pure temple-form was often modified in a number of ways. The most common type is referred to as a “modified” temple form in which the door is set in the side wing. Another variant of the house type is evident in the Staker House. The door is centered on the gable façade, it does not have a central or side passage, and may or may not have side wings (see plan). The Staker House is one of only two houses identified in the state to have a door centered on the gable façade and two side wings. The other example is the John B. Kelly House (422 S. 200 W. in Salt Lake City), also listed in the National Register.

I live just across the parking lot from it here in Mt Pleasant and have watched as the remodel and beautiful it over 2019 and 2020.