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This one-story structure is one of several commercial and industrial buildings that once existed along the west end of Main Street. It was originally a laundry, built at the turn of the century by Wilford Peterson and Ole Hansen of sandstone and brick. It has a stepped front parapet wall concealing a gable roof. The right window has been filled-in but the exterior and interior otherwise retain their original appearance. The central double doors lead to a large, open interior room with wood posts supporting roof trusses. Beyond the original west wall is a masonry addition.

This business collected laundry from Spring City to Thistle using horse-drawn wagons. Here they made their own soap from local tallow, but the scarcity of tallow during World War I caused the closure of this laundry business. Since then, the building has served many uses including a store, a cheese factory, wool storage, ice skating rink, meat processing, cold storage, and wood shop. Many local residents have related childhood memories of gathering soda pop bottles and bringing them here to redeem for money or candy at the old fashioned penny candy counter in the store. It is currently owned by Native Wines.(*)

72 S 500 W, Mt Pleasant, Utah