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Santa Clara Relief Society House

Completed in 1908, the Santa Clara Relief Society House is significant as the oldest remaining LDS church building in this pioneer community. Some of the functions of the Relief Society (the women’s auxiliary organization of the Mormon church) continued in this historic hall until completion of the adjacent LDS meetinghouse in 1949. It also served as a school (1908-1913), a makeshift clinic (1939-1950s), and the local post office (1953-1963).

The Victorian Eclectic style Santa Clara Relief Society House is also architecturally significant in the community. While not built as a meetinghouse, it is similar in size, configuration, and use to other “settlement phase” LDS meetinghouses. In 1992 during work to repair and restore the building, it was damaged by an earthquake. Its previously coated brick exterior was reinforced and covered with stucco. It has since been restored through local community efforts to serve as a museum of Relief Society and pioneer memorabilia and a meeting hall.

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