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Deseret Utah’s public school, built in 1894.

The following was posted to my facebook group by Doug Cahoon:
This school was built in 1895, replacing an early school on the same site. It only served as a school until 1914 when a larger school was built. It was sold at auction in 1919 when Louis Schoenberger purchased the school. He remodeled it into a home and boarding house for school teachers. He lived there until his death in 1972. Locally the old school is known as the “Schoenberger Place.”

My grandfather went to this school and lived next door. He remembered, ““I started school at six years old. I attended elementary school in Deseret, Utah. The schoolhouse had three big rooms with a big pot-bellied stove in each room. They let bids out for the wood; they hauled cedar wood from the hills. And the older boys in the class would feed the stoves with this wood, and we seemed to be very comfortable. There was one teacher in each room in the school. Two years had passed after I had entered school, and my brother Clayton started to school. And my mother had made him a book sack, and he was in the same room with me. And he would keep putting the book sack over his head. The teacher told him to stop, and the children in the room were laughing at him. And so, the teacher finally had to take him up to the head of the class and put him on a stool and put the book sack over his head. That made me very mad and disturbed, and I went up to the head of the class and took him by the hand and took him home. We had no more landed home than the schoolteacher was there, and my mother and the school teacher talked it over. We lived just over the fence from the school.”