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Allen Park, often called Hobbitville is another interesting and unique place in Salt Lake. Many small homes moved into this wooded area creating a little out of place neighborhood and winding paths and cages for exotic peacocks, pheasants, geese and other birds. It’s a place that has caught the imagination of many and created many stories and rumors.

From Hobbitville’s Last Days By David Hampshire

Dr. Allen, an Illinois-trained physician with eclectic tastes, acquired this piece of ground in 1931, 11 years after moving to Utah.

Beginning in the late 1930s, the character of Allen Park began to change. Dr. Allen started to collect old houses that had been built elsewhere and had outlived their usefulness. He had them trucked across town and installed on new foundations on the property east of the main house. One of the first was a log house built in the 1850s by pioneer Thomas Boam in what is now Holladay.

Those little houses were cobbled together in pairs to create duplexes. Some fit together seamlessly; others made very odd couples.

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The first weekend of October, 2020 – the park was opened as the newest city park. I started a new page for Allen Park the city park, see that here.