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Museum and Fire House

Library – Circa 1941

The museum building started as a library and was one of only two National Youth Administration (NYA) projects in Nevada. Volunteers finished the building when NYA funds were diverted to the war effort. Clark County operated a branch library at this site for about a year.

Hospital – Circa 1943

Due to rationing and the difficulty of travel during World War II, the building was converted to a hospital and later a medical clinic. It operated under the direction of nurse Bertha Howe until 1977.

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum – 1985

After the City incorporated in 1984, the building became City property and was converted to a museum. Mementos and artifacts from the area were generously donated by Virgin Valley residents. In 1991 the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fire House – Circa mid-1950’s

The building northwest of the museum served as the first fire station in Mesquite and was staffed by volunteer firemen. The first fire engine was a four-wheel drive army truck donated by Nellis Air Force Base.

This is Mesquite Historic Marker #1 (see others on this page) located at 35 West Mesquite Blvd in Mesquite, Nevada.