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In 1866 a group of Scandinavian Latter-day Saints entered the area that would become Bear River City. Their first homes were dugouts on the west bank of the Bear River. These dugouts were roofed with poles, willows, straw, and dirt. The fall of 1867 saw these early pioneers moving from the river dugouts to establish the Bear River Fort as a protection from the Indians. The fort was built on this ten acre block with log and adobe cabins surrounding the entire area.

The doors and windows of all 44 cabins in the fort face the center, making the cabin walls the walls of the fort. In the center area, they erected a flagpole on which Old Glory was unfurled, not only on state occasions, but to call the people to church, the children to school, or as a signal that the cow herd was ready to start for the pasture.

On three corners of the fort, wells were dug for the water supply, and the animals were corralled outside the fort. A house for public gatherings was erected on the west wall where church, school, dances, and meetings were held. Irrigation from the Malad River was introduced when the area northwest of the fort was farmed.c

This is DUP Marker #496 located at Bear River City Park at 4470 West 5900 North in Bear River City, Utah