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Corinne – Pioneer – Railroad Town

Looking toward the immediate completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad, Corinne Townsite was laid out in the Spring of 1869. Railroad Financiers, Real Estate Promoters, Businessmen & Gambling Sharks, launched a boom to make Corinne the shipping, trading & amusement center of the Rocky Mts.

Although Congress had planned the junction of the Union Pacific & Central Pacific Railroads at or near Ogden, the Union Pacific designated Corinne as the Freight Junction for the rich mines of Montana & the communities of Idaho & northern Utah. This decision was made after the Engineers declared that the town lay in the center of the Rocky Mountain Area & that the Bear River was navigable by Steamboat, making it possible for freight to be transported from Corinne via Bear River, the Great Salt Lake, & the Jordan River to Salt Lake City.

For a time the town flourished to the fullest expectation of its promoters, supporting a newspaper, many businesses & more than 100 saloons & Gambling Houses. In its prime, Corinne was one of Utah’s busiest cities, many times, over 500 freight wagons were congregated here.