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Five Generations of Huntsmans

Five generations of Huntsmans all lived on the land that you see.
Three homes were built and lives were spent, togetherness being the key.
George and Deby were first to settle, here close by the Molen Ditch.
Their children were added one at a time, making them very rich.
Cleon and Naone and Nila brought challenges, joys and the rest.
Living and learning the values set forth, always doing their best.

Parents of George and his sister, Mae, settled in a house next door.
Coming and living by grandkids insured life would not be a bore.
Their lives were all spent doing service for neighbors, church and the town.
If payment were had for all their deeds, there’d be many jewels for their crowns.
Cleon grew up and then married, bringing his Eva from Huntington.
She was a very hard worker; together they knew how to have fun.

Since grandparents, Hyrum and Emeline, lived their lives and passed on,
Cleon and Eva moved into their home when all the renters were gone.
At the CCC camp across the field, a boy named Paul took part.
He came visiting with others and made off with Naone’s heart.
For Nila, school ended and she moved on, up north to learn and grow
The next fifteen years worked and played and on weekends home she’d go.

Cleon’s three sons quickly joined them, but one, little Dennis, died soon.
Evan and Howard were good boys, often humming or whistling a tune.
Depression times were very difficult, working to make ends meet.
George gave some land to help his kids construct buildings on this street.
“Cleon’s Service Station” opened soon, pumping gas and making repairs.
Cleon was very good at this work, always doing more than his share.

And to Naone and Paul, her husband, also some land did George give.
A home they built for their fam’ly, just north on the hill they would live.
Cleon bought and sold farm equipment, a help to farmers in need.
This business was growing quickly, as cattle and pigs needed feed.
Evan married Leona; army service gave them time on their own.
Then back to Ferron and fam’ly to help share the load and not roam.

Soon Howard married Evelyn; college degrees they would obtain.
To Ferron a while, away for awhile and back to Ferron again.
Evan and his fam’ly lived in the home built to the north on the hill.
Then back to the west, across the street their family’s needs to fill.
Howard and fam’ly moved to the house build on the crest of the hill.
The corals on the south in use once again, a need they would fulfill.

Five generations of Huntsmans all lived on the land that you see.
Three homes were built and lives were spent, togetherness being the key.
Mothers and Fathers with standards high for children eager to learn,
Grandmas and Gramdpas glad to help out around almost every turn.
They say that it takes a large village, to raise a girl or boy,
But these honorable, valiant ancestors did it with great joy.

There were some maple syrup sandwiches given to fill the hole,
Or graham crackers and ‘cold cereal’ to fill everybody’s bowl.
There were paper scraps a plenty coming from “Cleon’s Service” trash.
No purchased toys or playthings could compare, NO! Not even cash.
As the youngest of these Huntsmans, we all want to give our thanks.
For the Heritage and mem’ries given, no higher could they rank.

This land that you see before you was lived on and thoroughly loved.
By the Huntsman Clan and their fam’lies; most now have gone on, above.
This land that you see before you was given to Ferron, their town,
To be their last act of service, giving up their beloved ground.
Enjoy your time as you visit here, the land that the Huntsmans did love.
Knowing they want you to do so, it’s a gift as they look from above.

Memories that you will make here will connect with this Huntsman land,
Over one hundred years of time and the five generations grand.

by EvaLynn Huntsman Holt, 2006

This historic marker was dedicated August 5, 2006 honoring the 100th Wedding Anniversary of George & Deby and the 75th Wedding Anniversary of Cleon and Eva and it is located at approximately 145 South State Street in Ferron, Utah.

Huntsmans living on this property ~ Service to Ferron & Emery County

  • Hyrum Ralsotn and Emeline (moved here late in life)

    Both were members of the Old Folks Group.

  • George Albert & Deborah Louisa Cox Huntsman (Married 1906)

    George was Water Master (several ditches, Secretary for Priesthood quorums & Ferron Canal & Reservoir Co., Ward Clerk for many years, Treasurer for Ferron Town, Meals and car parking space for the CCC boys, Janitor at the church.

    Deby was a member of the DUP, Town News reporter for 15 years, Secretary for the Red Cross (WWI), Old Folks Committee, Multiple church callings at the same time for 13 years, Secretary for the Relief Society for 21 years, President of the Relief Society, Ward Budget Secretary (required taking tickets at the picture shows 4 nights a week for 10 years)., Wallpapered in every existing home in town (during that period of time), Professional seamstress (including altering CCC boys pants to bell bottoms), Harmonica band member, Making & selling quilts (16 one year.)

  • Cleon and Eva Howard Huntsman (Married 1931)

    Cleon – Owner of Cleon’s Service garage and a Massey-Ferguson farm equipment dealership, Custom Combine Service, Sang in Ward Choir, Always the first to donate money for church and community causes.
    Eva – Held multiple church callings at the same time for almost entire life, including Primary President, Taught family history research & ward examiner for many years, Supervised the first Family History Center located in Ferron Stake Center for several years, Member of the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program.

  • Paul & Naone Huntsman Fletcher (Married 1935 moved to Layton, Utah 1959)

    Paul – Member of the CCC Camp F-11 which built the road to Ferron Reservoir, Contractor and homebuilder.
    Naone – Organist for every Church and community activity including the silent movies in the Greenhalgh Theater, Secretary for school, church and civic organizations, member of Harmonica band.

  • Nila Huntsman Mumm

    Commuted from SLC on weekends, holidays & as parents needed, 15 years. (Married 1957 and moved to Richland, Washington) Emery Co. Ration clerk (WWII), Multiple church callings at once (5 one year), Decorated Wedding cakes, Gold & Green Ball Queen (twice), Emery Co. Centennial chorus, Stage makeup for plays, attended 100% of all High School reunions (12), Assisted Deby with wallpapering and quilts, Member DUP.

  • Evan & Leona Spencer Huntsman (Married 1953)

    Evan – Worked with the farm machinery sales and repair with his father, Hauled Grade A and Grade B milk, Custom Hay hauling Service, Custom Combine Service, “Huntsman Feed & Supply” Company (hauled cattle feed etc.), Hauled Coal, Hauled Bricks, Janitors of the newly remolded Red Brick church on the hill, Varied Church positions.
    Leona – Janitor of Newly remodeled Church, Profession seamstress, Town News reporter, President of Primary, Secretary and teacher for ward and stake church organizations, Wrote and preformed comical readings at all ‘Annual Days’ and ‘Peach Days’ programs and many wedding receptions, etc.

  • Howard and Evelyn Peacock Huntsman (Married 1960)

    Howard – Taught Vocational Ag. at Emery High School, Managed ‘Cleon’s Service’, Sold raw mild from his dairy, Served in varied church callings.
    Evelyn – Emery County Home Extension Agent, Taught piano lessons over 30 years, Varied Church callings, Accompanying singers and singing in quartets, trios, and duets, Refereeing volleyball games and umpiring softball games, Member of DUP, Wrote “A Peach of a Place – A History of Ferron and Molen, Utah”.

This plaque is located in Ferron, Utah