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Tithing Lot
Circa Late 1890s

The southeast quarter of this block was originally owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was used as a tithing lot. Church members paid tithing in-kind donations of fruit, crops, etc., and items were then distributed to the poor. The tithing office was an adobe room over a rock cellar. The lot was enclosed with a fence and had a barn to store hay.

Hughes and Frehner Store
Circa early 1920s

The Hughes and Frehner Store was built on this site after the land was purchased from the LDS Church. The building was later converted to the Valley Inn Bar and then rebuilt, using the same cement walls, as the Golden West Restaurant and Casino.

Howard Pulsipher Home
Circa 1923

The Pulsiphers converted a granary from the old tithing lot into a 1-room home next to the Hughes and Frehner Store. Within a year they had outgrown it and Howard built a new one on the same lot. It was concrete, plastered inside and out. This was the first home in the Virgin Valley to have running water and a bathtub inside.

This is Mesquite Historic Marker #4 (see others on this page) located at 91 East Mesquite Boulevard in Mesquite, Nevada