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Construction of this building began under the direction of Bishop William Budge in 1869, ten years after the settlement of Providence. It was completed in 1873 at a cost of $12,800 and replaced a 32 x 16 foot hewn log structure erected in 1860. Reddish colored limestone, quarried near Dry Pole Canyon on the mountainside directly to the east, was used by head mason James Henry Brown in the 30 inch thick, 20 foot high walls. Known as “The Hall” and then as “The Church,” the meeting house had an excellent plank dance floor, a stage and proscenium at the east end of the hall, and a pump organ. It was a community center for dances and plays as well as religious services. In about 1877, a two-story rock vestry was added on the east. Other major additions and alterations were made in 1926, 1948, and 1968; however, the Old Rock Church of Providence is one of the best remaining examples of early Utah pioneer meeting houses.


Located at 10 South Main Street in Providence, Utah