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Providence Pioneers

This marker honors the first settlers of Providence, who camped near here early in May 1859, and those who followed in the years 1860,1861,1862. Included in the groups who pioneered this section are the following families: Alder, Bowen, Busenbark, Baer, Campbell, Clifford, Clark, Cranney, Dee, Durfey, Fuhriman, Flemming, Fife, Gates, Gassman, Greenback, Hafter, Hansen, Harmon, Hoth, Hug, Hall, Kresie, Lau, Low, Lane, Loosle, Maddison, Sperry, Sueifel, Theurer, Traber, VanLouevan, Williams, Wright, Zollinger.

This historic marker was erected June 7, 1947 by the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association and is #110 in the series, their markers were later adopted by the Sons of Utah Pioneers. It is located at the Providence Church at 10 South Main Street in Providence, Utah