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Eagle Rock Meeting House

Marking the site of the first Latter-Day Saints meeting house, built in 1885. This was the first building erected in this community for religious purposes. The building was 16 X 28 feet costing $450.00, money for which was obtained by donation.

The meeting house was used for religious worship, recreation and public gatherings from 1885 to 1896.

Also honoring the pioneer women of the Upper Snake River Valley, who suffered many hardships in the development of this area.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #39, erected June 1, 1938 and located along the Idaho Falls Greenbelt Trail near the intersection of Riverside Drive, Memorial Drive and E Street in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

(The Drown Log Cabin marker also has #34 on it, but it is #39 on the DUP’s list.)

These photos provided by Marshall Hurst: