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Neils Johnson / Ray Hansen House

Cabin built c. 1870.
House built c. 1876.
Garage built c. 1938.

The Johnson/Hansen home is both historically and architecturally significant. The log cabin, brick house, and garage, built between c. 1870-1938, describe settlement patterns and periods of development in Provo. Linking the brick of the historic home with a “modern” garage through the log cabin symbolizes the connection between past, present, and future.

These structures are architecturally significant as excellent examples of local 1870s architecture and as a unique, late 1930s blend of nostalgic and modern influences on residential design. By attaching the structures, the owner was simultaneously preserving the pioneer origin of the community and acknowledging the realities of a more modern lifestyle, one increasingly influenced by the automobile.

485 East 400 South in Provo, Utah