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The Salmon River Mission
Fort Lemhi

The Indian Mission Call: Issued by Brigham Young to 27 elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) at Salt Lake City, April 6 1855.

“Go into the Salmon River Country, Oregon Territory. Many tribes converge upon that area to fish and hunt. Choose an appropriate location and found a mission. Teach them the arts of husbandry and peace according to our gospel plan.”

The Journey: These Idaho Pioneers trailed 380 miles in 22 days with 11 wagons, 46 oxen, 7 horses, & much cattle. Roads were mostly non-existent.

Fort Lemhi: Site of the first irrigation project in the Great Northwest. Established June 18 1855. The fort had two sections: a timber stockade 16 rods square which surrounded 25 cabins: a Spanish wall (mud) stock enclosure the same size.

Brigham Young and 142 people visited and approved the mission in May 1857. New settlers followed, making a total population in excess of 100 souls. About 100 Indians were converted.

Indian raids on the mission and its abandonment in March 1858, were due to the influence of Johnston’s Army encamped at Fort Bridger.

Killed: William Bailey Lake, James Miller, George McBride

Wounded: Andrew Quigley, Oliver Robinson, Lewis W. Shurtliff, Thomas Smith, Fountain Welch.

This historic marker is #116 in a series by the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association (see those here), which was adopted by the Sons of Utah Pioneers (see those here).

Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #284 is also located nearby.

This photo provided by Marshall Hurst: