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In Honor of the Rexburg Stake Pioneers

Erected Sept. 28, 1935
In honor of the Rexburg Stake Pioneers
The founders of Rexburg, March 11, 1883

  • Thomas E. Ricks
  • Henry Flamm
  • Francis C. Gunnell
  • Fred Smith
  • William F. Rigby
  • Daniel Walters
  • Thomas E. Ricks, Jr.
  • Lorenzo Thorpe
  • Brigham Ricks
  • Heber Ricks
  • Leonard Jones
  • Willard Ricks
  • James M. Cook
  • Andrew S. Anderson, Surveyor

The Pioneer Call
“Go into the Snake River Country, found settlements, care for the Indians, stand upon and equal footing, and Co-operate in making improvements. Gain influence among all men, and strengthen the cords of the Stakes of Zion.”

John Taylor, George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith

The above text is from the monument, Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association #54 which was erected in 1935 and is located at 51 North Center Street at the Rexburg Tabernacle in Rexburg, Idaho in Madison County. The UPTLA historic markers were later adopted by the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

The photos below were submitted by Marshall Hurst: