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Mapleton Ward Relief Society Hall

The Mapleton Ward Relief Society Hall was built in 1888 on Hans Peter Jensen’s property at 195 East Maple Street in Mapleton. The building was 15- by 20 feet, with two doors, two windows, and a tin roof. The interior of the Relief Society Hall was large enough for a quilting frame and chairs. To earn money for constructing and maintaining the building, the Mapleton women held bake sales, made and served dinners, crafted sellable items for their bazaars, and other activities.

The building provided a center for the Relief Society organization of the Church to meet and conduct activities and assist those needing food, clothing, and other items. The women also raised and sold wheat and earned money to build a granary for storage and distribution of the wheat. The Hall was the center of the Relief Society women’s organization until 1917 when it became too small for the growing membership and activities.

In 2019, the original Hall was taken down brick by brick. In 2020, volunteers of Mapleton rebuilt the Hall in the Mapleton Towne Square, using the original brick and materials. The restored Mapleton Relief Society Hall was completed in 2021 and stands as a tribute to the strong and faithful women of Mapleton.

The above text is from Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #593, located at the Mapleton Historic Village at Mapleton City Park at 125 South Main Street in Mapleton, Utah