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Fort Mountainville DUP Marker # 145

(Located in Legacy Park in Alpine.)

FORT MOUNTAINVILLE Eight rods W. of this marker was the S.W. corner of a fort erected for protection from the Indians in the Walker War. The walls enclosed three separate squares: in 1853, an 8 ft. mud wall built around a 33 r. sq. was named Fort Wordsworth; in 1854, a 12 ft. wall surrounding homes of 25 families was called Fort Mountainville; but the main fort, erected in 1855, enclosed a 10 acre square with walls 14 ft. high. Fort ditch flowed inside by the walls; N. and S. gates spanned present Main St. of Alpine.

Other markers placed by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers can be found at JacobBarlow.com/dup

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