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Along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.


Provo River Falls

Provo River Falls is a beautiful location to stop while traveling the Mirror Lake Highway (access from Kamas, Utah or Evanston, Wyoming.)

Cooling off at the high elevations in the summer, wading with kids at the lower areas, taking pictures and enjoying wildlife, these are some of the things you can enjoy there.

The river was originally named the Timpanogotzis (or Tumpanowach) after the American Indian tribe living on its bank. Early settlers changed the name to Provo, after trapper Etienne Provost, for whom the city of Provo, Utah is also named. The old name for the river was instead given to the mountain to the north, which later became known as Mount Timpanogos.

Here are some photos I took at the falls:


Another batch of photos can be seen here:

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