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District School of South Bountiful

In the early 1800′s a one-room school was built on this site: a triangle of land between Onion Street and Highway 91. It was constructed of lime-cement and rock and measured 16 feet by 25 feet. There were six windows – three on the north side and three on the south side. The entrance faced west. A coal house was attached to the building. A potbellied stove stood in the center of the room with a long stovepipe reaching to the chimney on the east. There were three rows of desks on each side of the stove. Students furnished their own books and slates. Children who could not attend regularly, due to the farm work, had to bring their own desks. Each night a bucket of fresh water was carried from the Burtenshaw Well across the road for the children to drink the next day. A bucket with a clean dipper was placed on a table for their use. This school was used until 1898, when it was torn down and a red brick, two-room school was built on the property. About 1920, this location was renamed Cleverly Crossing by the Bamberger Railway Company and was a designated stop. Here a shelter was built for waiting passengers. In 1935 Onion Street, named for the onion trucks that came from the farms to the crossing every Friday, was redirected. After the change it crossed the old school grounds to enter Highway 91 in North Salt Lake.

This historic marker is #469 of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers markers and is located at 755 North Highway 89 in North Salt Lake, Utah


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