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The Panguitch Social Hall was built during the years between 1890-1900. Fredrick Judd made the bricks and slacked the lime for the laying of the brick. The walls were three bricks thick, and the building had wide double-doors on either side of the hall which remained open for ventilation during the hot summer months. A curved roof added interest to the building. It was heated for years by huge pot-bellied wood-burning stoves and lighted by oil lamps. The mayor at the time the building was built was John Houston who supported its use for many activities some of which are listed.

It was used evenings for Junior Proms, Mid-Winter Frolics and Christmas dances, Gold & Green Balls, other dances and class parties. The use of the building for daytime activities included Old Folks Day, Lions Cub Amateur Hour for the children, and the Relief Society Birthday Parties. High School activities included plays, assemblies, operettas and dance revues. Of particular interest were chautaquas, educational lectures and entertainment provided by a traveling institution. Special activities were minstral shows, wedding receptions and the County Fairs with displays of food, clothing and quilts.

The hall was first called the Mascot Hall, which name was later changed to Social Hall. It was partially burned about 1920 and rebuilt in the original pattern using native brick. The building is still in use.

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Located at 65 East Center Street in Panguitch, Utah