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As early Latter-day Saint pioneers came to the Goshen Valley, they settled in areas then known as Sandtown, The Bend, and The Fort. Later, President Brigham Young urged the settlers to form the township of Goshen and predicted that a new highway would be built near the existing cemetery. He instructed the pioneers to relocate farms, homes, and their cemetery to higher solid ground believed to be more fertile. Many moved their cabins, and several of those buried in the original cemetery were interred in the new Goshen Cemetery, located south of the newly established town. No record exists of those whose remains were moved. After 1880, no new burials were made in this cemetery.

The original Goshen Pioneer Cemetery is located 300 yards north of this monument made sacred by the sacrifice of original and native pioneers who gave their all for their faith. The following eighteen men, women, and infants are buried herein: Louisa Jane Bigelow, 1858; Diana Dall, 1859; John Shields Gardner, 1862; William Edward Martin 1865; Julia Ann Gardner, 1865; Riley Stewart, 1866; Gertrude Sorensen, 1868; Henry Lyman Cook, 1869; Hyrum Cook, 1869; Mary Ann Weech, 1873; Mary Ellen Finch, 1876; Soren Christensen Sorenson, 1876; Henry David Dall, 1876; Samuel Weech, 1877; Hyrum Finch, 1879; Annie Marie Sorensen, 1880; Nelce Sorensen, 1880; Soren Sorensen, Jr., 1880. We have not forgotten their lives and determined spirits; they play an important part of a vibrant heritage.