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The Kennedy Ditch was an early pioneer irrigation canal taken out of Parley’s canyon stream near 17th East. The construction was achieved as a co-operative work project, and the new channel named after its first Water Master, Charles Kennedy, a Utah pioneer of 1848. The area thus brought under cultivation. Covered 864 acres of small farm lands extending west of 13th East from near 21st South northward to 9th South, including this spot on Emerson Avenue.

The above photos are of the marker I originally found is 2006, I’m not sure when it went missing – I think I started to notice that it was gone when driving by sometime around 2016 but it could have been much earlier and then in 2019 it was replaced with the plaque pictured below. The wording is almost exactly the same, they did remove the part about this spot being on Emerson Avenue, which it isn’t, so I’m assuming the marker was moved here sometime before I originally found it.