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United Order Woolen Factory

Built in the spring of 1882, the woolen factory was in operation until 1890. It was built under the direction of the United Order Board, Thomas Chamberlain, Bishop and President of the Board.

The machinery was run by waterpower. Yarn, batting and cloth were made with the best wool selected for the yarn. More yarn was made than cloth. Three thousand one hundred and sixty-four yards of cloth were woven during 1889. The women’s clothes were made mostly of linsey, which is part wool and part cotton. Most of the women’s wedding dresses during the Order were made of cloth woven in the factory. The men’s suits were made of all wool. Very little cotton cloth was made here.

On the lower floor were four looms along the south side with warping bars in the northwest corner. This left a large space for meetings and dances. On the second floor were carding machines along the south side, spinners along the north and four or five looms for making sheets. The third floor held the picker, called the devil, which picked the wool to pieces.

The original building was located 300 feet northeast of this marker.