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The Albert Grames cabin, built in 1891, stood originally on a site two miles northwest of here.  In 1904 Grames bought land in Price, dismantled his cabin, and used the logs to build this somewhat larger structure.  The cabin is unique in that it was occupied by Grames or by members of his family for seventy-four years.  He had fifteen children – fine by Celia Downard Grames and, after her death, ten by Lilly Bass Grames.  Fourteen of those children were born in this structure or its predecessor.  Seven grandchildren were also born here.

Moved to this site in 1964, the cabin was later badly vandalized.  In 1991 it was fully restored to lived-in condition.

The cabin is furnished with authentic pioneer artifacts and furniture gathered from local residents.


This monument is #471 of the D.U.P. Markers and is located in Pioneer Park in Price, Utah.

This historic marker by E Clampus Vitus is also on the same cabin: