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(Just outside the Historic Utah County Courthouse)

There are two plaques on this monument:

Fray Francisco Silvestre Velez De Escalante and Fray Francisco Atanasio Dominguez, two Catholic Priests of the Franciscan Order accompanied by their attendants
Don Juan Pedro Cisneros                                   Lucrecio Muniz
Don Dernardo Miera Y Pacheco                       Andres Muniz
Don Joaquin Lain                                                  Juan De Agulia
Lorenzo Olivares                                                  Simon Lucero

Encamped near here September 24, and 25, 1776, to open a wider field for mission work among the Indians. They were seeking an overland route from Santa Fe New Mexico to Monterey California.

These Priests were the first white men to enter what is now the State of Utah and the first to give us a written record of the geography of the country and the character of its people.

Contributed to Provo City by the children of the Provo City Schools September 25, 1931

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