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I’ve always been a huge fan of Robert LeRoy Parker (Butch Cassidy.)

I’ve heard over the years that this was his childhood home, but I’ve heard that about a couple of places. Either way it’s fun to dream and they’ve transformed this from just a cabin in a field to a place with signs and a parking lot and officially calling it his boyhood home.

Location, N 38.14477 W 112.30479 (just south of Circleville, Utah)

Update: 2019 – I stopped by again, they’ve really upgraded the place.  They put in a bathroom, a parking lot with fencing around it, some old farm equipment and plaques and signs about Butch Cassidy.   They’ve also closed up the cabin so you can’t just go in whenever you want like I could when I took the above photos.   

Update 2020:

They’ve upgrade even more, it’s come a long way from the cabin in the field I stopped by in 2007.