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Around 1891 after the D & R G W railroad replaced the narrow gauge, with standard gauge track. The division point was consolidated in Helper. At this time a 15 stall roundhouse, a new depot and other accommodations were built. In 1919 the division point was relocated to Soldier Summit. The roundhouse was moved piece by piece to the new location. In 1929, adverse weather conditions at 7,700 feet forced the railroad to move operations back to Helper.

The roundhouse was again dismantled and moved back to its original location. The roundhouse operated until the steam locomotive was phased out and replaced with diesel electric power in the 1950’s.


This historic marker is located at the Helper Museum at 294 South Main Street in Helper, Utah and was dedicated by the Matt Warner Chapter 1900 of E Clampus Vitus on July 9, 2005 (6010)