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In the Spring of 1871 Dr. Jeter F. Clinton built his “Lake House” in this area. A pier was built to the water’s edge, bath houses and other attractions were built and the steamboat anchored here. Remains of the pier are still visible.


In the fall of 1874 Dr. Clinton replaced the Lake House with a large three-storied stone hotel. It was elegantly furnished and fitted for parties. The resort flourished for a time. The Kate Connor, a steamboat owned by General Patrick Connor, navigated the lake and was used as an excursion boat.


The Clinton Hotel was well known all over Utah Territory. Transportation from Salt Lake City was provided by the Utah Nevada Western Railroad. Dr. Clinton’s rock home renovated is still in use. In 1885 the lake receded and sandbars appeared so extensively in the lake the resort was doomed. In 1889 Dr. Clinton sold some of his holdings to Mr. William Glassman, a real estate developer. He had big plans to build a city. He mapped it out, planted 5,000 trees and drilled 6 artesian wells.
For added attraction Mr. Glassman contracted with Buffalo Jones of Manitoba, Canada to deliver 100 head of buffalo. Thirty-five buffalo were received in poor condition. They did survive and increase. Notwithstanding the attraction of the herd of buffalo, Buffalo Park made no hit with the public, the buffalo were transported to Antelope Island and Buffalo Park was abandoned.

There is a historic marker not far from here that was placed on a boulder taken from the Old Buffalo Ranch.

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