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Look north, see trees that mark site of TOD PARK, which was home for civilian employees of Army Depot (1943-1960). Look northwest, see the 10,000 acres of Tooele Army Depot ammunition storage, warehouses, mainenance shops and administration buildings. Look west, see the water mark on South Mountain made by Old Lake Bonneville at the 5200 foot level. Look south, see the geologic wonder of Stockton Bar which was created by wave action of Old Lake Bonneville. Look down west, see the trees that mark the site of the Ghost Town of Bauer (private property), the Honerine Tunnel adit, and the terminix of the old Utah Nevada Western Railroad (1885-1905). Look east in gully, see Soldier Bridge on old road built by Steptoe’s Army in 1854. Look northeast, see bench across Silcox Canyon which was created by an earthquake that happened before the last Ice Age. Glaciers cut through the bench and created a wide flat bottom canyon.

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