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Located at 251 South 200 East in Springville is the Springville Presbyterian Church.   In 1877 The Rev. George Leonard established a Presbyterian Church and Mission School in Springville.  In 1892-1893, this church was built just south of the Presbyterian Hungerford Academy, the only school then providing education from elementary grades through high school for all denominations.  This church is an example of the late gothic revival style with a romanesque revival bell tower.  The stained glass windows are part of the original structure.  This building has served as a Presbyterian Church continuously since its construction.

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In 1886 the Presbyterian Church built the Hungeford Academy in Springville, on the corner of 200 East 200 South. Six years later, in 1892, they built the Presbyterian Church to the South of it. The Hungeford Academy was a private boarding school, and only stood on that corner for 26 years, before being torn down in 1912.