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This house was constructed c. 1857 for Hector C. Haight, “the father of Farmington,” who in addition to helping settle the community, was a farmer, builder, hotel proprietor and county prebate judge for a number of years.  He and his family loved in this house, which also doubled as a hotel, until his death in 1879.

The Union Hotel, as it was known, is the oldest remaining hotel in Farmington, which was a natural stopping place for travelers because it was located one-day’s journey from Salt Lake City.  LDS Church authorities and others with business in the communities to the north often stayed overnight at the Unionand other hotels in Farmington.  The rear section of the house was probably added in the 1860s or ’70s, apparently to accommodate the expanding hotel business.  The original four-room section of the house is one of the few examples in Utah of a two-story double cell house, a traditional yet relatively uncommon house type in early Utah.

Although the original adobe walls of the house were covered with aluminum siding in the late 1950s, its basic form, window and door openings, and interior remain virtually unaltered.

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