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Several of the towns in Utah started out as forts as protection for the people, many of those have the location of the fort marked, some of those have the location of the corners of the forts marked.  Here are the markers placed to mark where the corners of the Payson Fort was.

The Main Gate:     N 40° 02.629 W 111° 43.774


This road has remained open since 1853.  Just inside was a stagecoach inn & Pony Express station which operated until the telegraph came in 1861.  Alexander Keele, while on voluntary guard duty, was killed on 18 July 1853 by Indians as they left the Fort.

The Southeast Corner: N 40° 02.621 W 111° 43.775


The Fort was 60 rods square with corners built of logs forming a buttress.  Adobe, rock and mud walls stood 8 feet tall.  4 feet wide at the bottom and 2 feet wide at the top on a rock foundation with a deep 4 foot trench around the outside.   It was built during the Walker Indian War 1853-54.

The Southwest Corner: N 40° 02.622 W 111° 44.105


The Northwest Corner: N 40° 02.875 W 111° 44.105


The Northeast Corner: N 40° 02.868 W 111° 43.775