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William Kirk Home
291 West 400 North in Lindon

William Kirk and his sons were well-to-do sheepmen in Lindon who flourished in the late nineteenth century. In the 1880s, Kirk built the original house in the late-Victorian gothic style, with a gabled roof, stained-glass windows, porch pillars, and decorative woodwork, as seen in the photograph above.

With its immaculate grounds, tree-lined pathways, and beautiful gardens, the Kirk home became the showplace of
the community. The house and grounds seemed to spark the imagination of the local youth, who, it is told, often daydreamed of its gracious living and fantasized of exploring the attics for hidden treasure.

Later the property was purchased by Lester West. Influenced by the utilitarian post-war era, West remodeled the structure by removing the top story of the house and putting on a different style roof. Most of the exterior decorative work was also removed.

The house has been used over the years for a variety of purposes, including a boys’ home. In 1996 the house was
bought by Fireside Pizzeria and renovated into a restaurant.