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The Robison Home
395 North State Street in Lindon

This home was originally built by Lewis Seth Robison, a lawyer, teacher, farmer, manufacturer. Born in Illinois, he studied law and passed the bar in that state before moving to Utah when he was in his early twenties. Law presented scant opportunities in rural Utah in that period, a few years after the end of the civil war. He married Mary Melissa Driggs in Salt Lake City in 1873.

Robison had the honeycomb limestone brick hauled from American Fork Canyon and cut on-site. Other historical
structures in Lindon employ the same materials.

The cider mill was located between the house and the barn, an area now covered by the north parking lot.

Before the turn of the century, a barrel of apple cider was considered a necessity. Families drank sweet cider during the winter and used the remainder for vinegar in the summer. Withou t a water source, the mill had to be powered by a horse and mule team hitched to the main cog. Crushed apples were shoveled by hand onto a roller press, and the juice was allowed to drip directly into barrels.

The cider could be potent—long-time residents recall with amusement the time a cow became “drunk” from feasting on leftover pulp.