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Dittmore Home
325 North State Street in Lindon

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In 1868 Henry Dittmore, a German immigrant, and his wife, Rachel Smuin Dittmore, moved from the Salt Lake Valley and settled on seven acres at this site. The first home was log with a dirt floor and dirt roof and a fireplace for cooking and warmth. Because the house was on the main road south from Pleasant Grove, many travelers and horse teams were given shelter and hospitality for the night.

In 1876 the Dittmores dug a cellar and rocked up the sides, then the log house was moved over the cellar, and
the dirt roof was replaced by one made of shingles. The family had five children by then, and they were glad to have more room. As time passed more rooms were added to the house. Two large adobe rooms were built on the side near the road, with adobe made from mud from Utah Lake. Each room had its own fireplace.

Rachel and Henry raised nine children to maturity in this home. After they died, one of their daughters, Ellen, and her husband, Andrew A. Johnson, bought the property in 1909. They paid $3,000 dollars for the home and seven acres. They raised five children here. In 1950 Andrew and his second wife, Gladys, moved to Pleasant Grove. The house was rented after that, sometimes to strangers, but more often children and grandchildren lived there, especially as newlyweds. Some friends jokingly referred to the house as the “Honeymoon Cottage,” and the family still fondly looks on it as such to this day.