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Railroad Depot
265 North State Street in Lindon

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The building on this site was once the Lindon depot of the Salt Lake & Utah Railroad, also called the Orem Line or the “Interurban.” Beginning in 1915, 20 or more trains a day stopped here to service passengers going from Payson to Salt Lake City. The passengers often traveled just for fun, such as to ball games, fairs, or dances. Students could ride to Brigham Young University for only 1.5 cents per mile.

The trains were powered by electricity and traveled at speeds up to 65 miles per hour. The passenger cars
were 61 feet long and weighed 43 tons, each having plush seats for 66 passengers.

The Salt Lake & Utah Railroad was said to be one of the finest interurban railroads in the United States, and the Lindon depot was known as being one of the nicest stations on the line, with its spotless wooden floors and hardwood benches.

After 22 years of operation, the railroad finally closed the line and the depot due to the increase in the
numbers of fast cars and freight trucks on the new smooth highways.