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Rodeback Home
540 West Lakeview Road in Lindon

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The original portion of this home represents a stylistic transition from pioneer to Victorian eclectic. It was built as one room about 1890 by Charles Levant Rodeback. The house was then sold to Andrew and Emma Swenson in 1907. Andrew was a custodian at the local elementary school. Plumbing and electricity were not installed until the 1950s.

In later years, two of the boys in the family took over both the home and the job as custodian at the school.
They remained batchelors and lived here until their deaths in about 1989. The house was purchased and restoration was begun in 1991 by Hailey and Christopher Liechty. In 2002 a new home was built which incorporated the old house, and restoration of the original portion was completed. The addition was designed by South African architect Gerald Meyer, who moved to Utah during the project. One goal of this project was to show how historic buildings can be lovingly preserved while making them useful in a modern world.